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¿Cuántas oportunidades has perdido por no hablar inglés?​

Nuestra misión es ayudarte a lograr tus objetivos a través de la práctica del inglés y español.​

Nuestros casos

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La baja fluidez en inglés es el mayor obstáculo para líderes y talentos en elcompañías

"Conozco profesionales en la misma posición que yo, pero ganando en dólares"

Ganhando em dolar.jpg

"Me cansé de las clases de gramática. Además de aburrido, este método es lento e ineficaz."

Cansei de grámatica.jpg

"Nunca uso aplicaciones de celular ni plataformas online para practicar inglés."

Não uso aplicativos.jpg

"Incluso puedo asistir a reuniones en inglés y español. Pero me detengo cuando hablo"

Não consigo falar.jpg

"Mi agenda siempre está llena. No puedo adaptarme a los horarios del curso"

Agenda Cheia.jpg

"Es frustrante viajar a otros países y apenas poder comunicarse con personas"

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Descubre la metodología de inmersión lingüística que está revolucionando la vida de talentos brasileñosPara el mundo 

Centrarse en el resultado

La fluidez en inglés y español es solo el medio para alcanzar tus objetivos. Cuando entiendes esto, el foco abandona la gramática y aparece el resultado.

Horario flexible

Elija horarios que se ajusten perfectamente a su agenda. Tú creas tu propio horario y lo cambias cuando lo necesitas.

Llegar más lejos

Sé el protagonista de este viaje de inmersión lingüística. Y conéctese con personas de todo el mundo a lo largo del camino.

Retroalimentación positiva

Nuestros ayudantes escuchan como amigos y guían como maestros. De esta forma ganas confianza y pierdes el miedo a hablar en otro idioma.

Ritmo de fluidez

Sesiones rápidas de 30 minutos para practicar todos los días. Sesiones de 45 y 60 minutos para inmersiones más profundas.

Experiencia propia

Cuando alguien del otro lado quiere escuchar tu historia, la conversación fluye en cualquier idioma. ¿Entiendes nuestra metodología?

Casos de Éxito

"Ser competente no es suficiente. Después de ocupar puestos importantes en São Paulo, Costa Rica y ahora en los Estados Unidos, siento que he conquistado América. Pero primero tuve que dominar el inglés y el español."

Priscilla Pimentel | DHL Express US


Las empresas donde rara vez se habla inglés pierden másoportunidades de negocios 

de las empresas con sede en Brasil requieren conocimientos de inglés, seguido del español con un 42%.

Sin embargo, sólo el 3% de los brasileños puede comunicarse en inglés y sólo el 1% lo domina verdaderamente.

  • I have tried to learn English in many ways before. Why would it work now for Habitat?
    It is very likely that your previous attempts to learn English were not well aligned with your goals. And even if they were, it is much more difficult to stay motivated studying teaching material in traditional methods where the focus is on the grammar of the language. Even new online platforms and cell phone apps use this outdated logic. At Habitat it's different. We understand that English and Spanish are just tools for you to achieve your goals, that is, no one needs to be an expert in grammar to communicate on a daily basis, whether in work meetings or on vacation trips. What you need is to talk regularly to people who already speak English and who know how to give you feedback so you can improve in the language. Here we call these people helpers, because they listen like friends and guide like teachers. And it is precisely the exchange of experience that will keep your motivation with the second language high. This method works.
  • How long does it take to speak fluent English?
    Research indicates that it takes 1,200 hours of English exposure and practice to go from beginner to upper-intermediate level, although this largely depends on your motivation and engagement with the language. Immersion abroad is still the quickest way to achieve fluency, but it's not the only option. For professionals, practicing English via video call may be a better alternative. In addition to the flexibility of your schedule, you don't need to take time off work. And you can immediately apply your newly acquired English skills, which opens the way to new opportunities.
  • How do I practice another language on my own?
    If you type this question into GPT Chat or Google Bard, they will describe a complete strategy to help you with this process, such as watching films and series in English, for example. It also helps to listen to music, read books and listen to podcasts on topics that interest you. This all works because it encourages autonomy. When you take on the role of protagonist in the language immersion journey, everything becomes lighter and more fun. And it's good that it is so. After all, the tongue is also a muscle. When you stop practicing, it atrophies. Okay, but that's only half the battle. There's no point in just consuming content if you don't share it with anyone. Remember that the main function of any language is communication between people, living experiences together and relating. Perhaps it will soon be possible to connect at this level with artificial intelligence. Until then, our suggestion is that you find more people to talk to regularly in English and Spanish. It's worth reinforcing: be patient with yourself and celebrate each small achievement. The important thing is to stay motivated and keep practicing.
  • Am I past the age to learn another language?
    According to the EF English Proficiency Index, a ranking of 112 countries and regions by proficiency in the English language, people in their 30s have been improving their English three times more than those aged 21 to 25. In 2021, for the first time, the global average of adults over 40 years old reached the Moderate Proficiency Level. These trends contradict the belief that there is a best age to learn a language, after which progress is practically impossible. Children and young people need access to quality English teaching throughout their basic education. Adults need continuing education that works.
  • I can understand Spanish well. Is it worth investing in learning more?
    The job market values professionals who are bilingual or multilingual. Studies show that professionals who speak Spanish earn higher salaries than those who don't. If you already understand Spanish well, it is likely that you will be able to achieve fluency in less time compared to a speaker of a non-Latin language, for example. This time may be even shorter if your motivation to learn the language is linked to a concrete objective, such as professional opportunities and international mobility. Remember that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, after Mandarin. It is also the official language of 20 countries, with around 70% of the population in Latin America speaking Spanish.
  • I missed a great opportunity to work abroad due to a lack of fluency in English. And now?
    Now that you've felt the pain of low fluency in English, you've realized how this language can boost your goals and transform your life, right? Yes, now you are ready to master this language once and for all. Because until then, “studying” English you associated with something boring, difficult and impractical. Did I get it right again? What if I told you that you could practice English every day lightly, talking about what you like most, and without worrying so much about making mistakes, or about understanding 100% of what the natives say? This is the Habitat Languages methodology, connecting the practice of English with what matters most: the opportunity to make your dreams come true.
Quero receber conteúdos para começar minha imersão em idiomas

Thank you. Gracias!

São Paulo | Florianópolis 🤍

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