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Low fluency in English and Spanish is the biggest barrier for Brazilian professionals who want to pursue an international career.

Not communicating in English can range from the loss of unique opportunities to the end of a potentially brilliant career. There is no time to practice another language, and the traditional method focusing on grammar is slow, boring and inefficient.

With the mission of revolutionizing the practice of English and Spanish in Brazil, Habitat Languages has developed a language immersion methodology completely different from traditional methods, which is transforming the lives of Brazilian leaders and talents around the world.

Both schools and language teaching platforms focus on teaching material and access to mass content. Even private teachers and apps work according to this logic. However, if Duolingo made anyone fluent, everyone would probably already be.

In Habitat's consultancy approach, the focus of the conversation sessions is precisely to create a favorable environment in which the client feels confident to tell their own story and develop their objectives, using the new language only as a means.

And for this story to be well told, there needs to be someone on the other side listening carefully, noting the points of attention and ready to give qualified feedback.

This is how individual English and Spanish sessions via video call with the Habitat Languages team of helpers work. Every day, at flexible times, with an average duration of 30 minutes.

With this methodology, it is possible to closely monitor the evolution of each client, deliver concrete results and guarantee their success in this language immersion journey.

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