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Being a native speaker of English and a teacher for 8 years, I can say with certainty that helping people communicate in English is transformative for both them and me, or rather, “life-changing”. In addition to sharing experiences with people from all over the world, I also love outdoor activities. And in this regard, South Africa and Brazil have a lot in common: sunny days!



I am a pedagogical coordinator and English teacher with more than 20 years of experience in various methods and approaches. In addition to international certification, I have experience in the USA, and have been resident in the United Kingdom since 2017.



Uruguayan with 20 years of residence in Canada living in Brazil since 2008. Since moving to Brazil I have worked as an English and Spanish teacher, with experience in planning educational content and conducting meetings. I have a degree in Tourism from Knox Travel Academy Inc. and work in the sector in Toronto, Canada. I really like traveling and, thanks to my profession, I have had the opportunity to visit many different countries.



I have a degree in Literature (Portuguese and English) and a postgraduate degree from the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing – ESPM, in First Management in Marketing. Language teacher since 2004, I am also a bilingual reviewer of texts, articles and abstracts for master's and doctoral students. I produce and transcribe subtitles for videos about Marketing and Financial Markets.



Hello, hello. I am an English and Spanish teacher. Originally from Spain, I have lived in Brazil since 2015. I really enjoy reading, writing and cinema. I also love traveling and discovering new places and cultures. I have worked as a journalist, and therefore I know the world of communication and media well. Football is one of my passions, and I confess that I can't resist “tweeting” about each Atlético de Madrid game :)



I am so passionate about English that even after 20 years of teaching, translating and developing training, I continue to learn and have fun with students every day. And when I'm not on a trail, climbing a mountain or cycling, I love playing games and researching different topics, such as technology and the environment. How about you?



I studied Web Design, Arts Education and now I'm majoring in Literature! I have lived in the Netherlands, Poland, Italy and Brazil, and traveled to Chile, Uruguay, Germany, Spain, France and many places within Brazil. I have an art/humor magazine where I publish jokes and drawings. Plus, I love food, music and animals!

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